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Author Topic: 4:2:2 Satellite Streams \ Video Captures (mpeg)  (Read 106 times)


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4:2:2 Satellite Streams \ Video Captures (mpeg)
« on: October 21, 2007, 06:41:48 AM »

Hi guys,

I am streaming from my PC's satellite card (SkyStar2) to XBMC to view 4:2:2 transmissions.

(4:2:0 streams work perfectly i must add)

For those of you that havent a clue what im on about, read here:

When i view them or save the stream to an mpeg first, and then play it locally on the Xbox - i get frame therefore the video stutters on occasion when the frame is dropped.

Is there a codec that could fix this?  or am i out of luck.

PS  I have the latest T3CH build of XMBC



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