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Author Topic: Open Ps3's Rsx For Other Os Petition  (Read 37 times)


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Open Ps3's Rsx For Other Os Petition
« on: July 26, 2007, 05:19:23 AM »

Sry if posted before!

To:  Sony
We, Playstation 3 users, ask Sony to allow the use of the RSX trough Other OS.

Right now because of the PS3 firmware limitation we can't...
- Easily watch movies in various formats
- Correctly use 2D applications
- Friendly run lite 3D applications

Useless when it comes to fight against piracy, this limitation is a trouble for honest users but not for pirates:
it makes operating systems as Linux not interesting enough and this fabulous project of Other Os on PS3 seems to drown. A huge number of disappointed comments in many forums are proving this.

Dear Sony, you made us dream, please now don't leave us alone with lost hopes.


The Undersigned

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