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Author Topic: InFeCtuS Programmer and Infectus Tool 1.1  (Read 77 times)


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InFeCtuS Programmer and Infectus Tool 1.1
« on: May 24, 2007, 09:37:07 AM »


InFeCtuS Programmer and Infectus Tool 1.1

Posted by XanTium | 24-5-2007 12:37 EST



New tools for the versatile multi-platform dev. InFeCtuS modchip (that can read/flash/patch the NAND of Xbox360, PS3 and Wii) have been released.

* Infectus Programmer v0.0.3.4.D
What's new/fixed (since v0.0.3.3):
- Note: Remember to update the Actel Firmwares to the last version
Infectus :
- Fixed a "bastard" problem in wizard
- Hidden the commands write/erase when xbox flash is selected
- Fixed a problem in memory size for SST-39SF020A
- Fixed Flash ID Detector (cause problem on wizard and first connection)
- Changed gui interface. If the flash isn't recognized all the commands are hidden.
- Add Double Nand Flash controller
- Fixed a delay on HY27US08281A reading
- Update the reseller list
- Flash Support for: SAMSUNG K9F1208U0B XBOX 360 DEV - NOT TESTED
- Compatibility fix for NAND Flash and Double NAND Flash
- NAND Flash
- Double NAND Flash controller ( PS3 )

* Infectus Tool v1.1
What's new/fixed (since v1.0):
- Easy to use for noob ;-)

Official Website:
Download: Programmer | Tool v1.1
Thanks to Hitman43 for the news/links.



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