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Author Topic: Spider Gx Problems  (Read 152 times)


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Spider Gx Problems
« on: November 29, 2006, 04:07:50 PM »

Ok I'm pretty new to modding but I have been doing an extinsive amount of reading before I decided to post here.  I have to problems.

Problem 1.  I modded my xbox v1.6 with the Spider GX mod and it worked flawlessly.  I went to flash bank 3 with x2 5032 (something like that) for the 1.6.  The status bar stayed up for approximately 1-2 minutes.  I turned off the xbox thinking that the system had froze.  Now when I boot it up it frags with a black screen whether the mod is turned on or off.  I have since uninstalled the mod with the same results.  From what I understand I might have either screwed up my M$ bios and or my eeprom.  My question is is there a way to fix it without sending it off?  I have found replacement eeprom chips but am unsure about the process of installing.  That's not to say removing and resoldering.  I just am not able to find a decent forum post that gives details on the installation process after soldering the chip in.  I've also read about replacing the mobo entirely if there aren't any other options.  I've emailed approximately 15-20 people with the Xbox Chocolate Project without any respone.

Problem 2.  I've installed a Spider GX into my friends Xbox v1.1.  Of course the usual LPC pins aren't lining up problems were present but I fixed that.  Got the Spider os to come up after a few hours of tinkering, shut the thing of for about 1 hour to take a break.  When I turned it back on the os came up grey, very washed out and to the left side of the screen.  I can navigate the menus but am unable to flash the chip.  With the chip off the M$ os boots without a hitch.  I soldered the D0 using the alternate solder point on the back of the board.  I've also tried soldering the pogos to the lpc with the same results.

Any help with either of the problems would be greatly appreciated.  I've been reading these forums and searching google for the last week without anything that has helped.  



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