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Author Topic: How Can I Wirelessly Network My Xbox For $20?  (Read 336 times)


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How Can I Wirelessly Network My Xbox For $20?
« on: June 15, 2006, 01:24:13 PM »

Belkin F5D7230-4 version 4000 and newer routers do not support WDS(bridging). They will not work for this setup. The version 4000 and newer routers are distinguished by their one-antenna design. Version 3000 and Version 2000 seems to be the best as Version 2000 is the start of compactness(previous models are bigger), yet still has WDS support and 2 antennas and doesn't have some other issues that I won't go into here. Version 3000 has slightly improved range, so this is the best of the F5D7230-4 versions.

WDS(i.e. bridging) will USUALLY not work between 2 non-identical devices(i.e. different maker/model), but you can try. Bridging between two F5D7230-4 routers of different versions will work as long as they are both lower than version 4000. I currently bridge my version 1444 to ym version 2000.

What equipment is compatible with the Belkin 7230-4 for WDS bridging?
# Belkin F5D7230-4 (two of the same router)
# Belkin F5D7130 (access point)
# Buffalo WBR2-G54 (router with standard Buffalo firmware)
# Linksys WRT54G (may require Sveasoft firmware to be loaded)
# Motorola WGR850G (wireless router, with Motorola firmware)

Taken from: http://www.fatwallet...threadid=454635

Download link for config files(thanks lordvader129)


Here's my guide to getting 802.11g wireless networking to work for just $20. Some things obviously need to be adjusted in this guide to apply to the xbox(you're not using a mediaMVP device and you don't need a PC on at all times). Again, if anybody buys the routers I mention, then just use the config files for both Belkin F5D7230-4 routers, so then all you would need to do is:

1. load main.conf for one router(the one connected to modem and/or computer)
2. load bridge.conf for second router(the one connected to xbox)
3. Connect everything
4. BAM! You have a complete wireless network(including your Xbox and PC's). The only thing you would have to change are passwords and perhaps wireless security(I enabled WEP security by default in the config files rather than WPA since at the time, it was very frustrating to get WPA to work on older computers). You would also have to change some other settings if you have a static WAN IP(i.e. your ISP gave you a specific IP) and if you use something that requires a password and username to connect to the net(i.e. Verizon DSL or other PPPoE connections). Also, the router config page has no password (accessed from web browser).

I don't have professional networking experience(I've never dealt with subnets and the like). This whole thing took me about 5 hours to do, so please be appreciative and take time to ask questions if you decide to use my config files and have problems.

If you already have a wireless router and know it can be used as a bridge(access point), then you could also just buy an identical router and use my guide in the link.

This setup will work with most other routers(practically all), but I can't babystep it for you all the way, but a general outline is available at the link I provided. I currently use this setup and I am FTPing files and using samba shares(thanks XBMC!) with ease.

I hope somebody finds this useful, as I have posted it in several forums and typed the tutorial from scratch 3 times(I couldn't remember where the others were) and I've only recieved one response from an interested person. Oh and yes, this setup works for Xlink Kai and XBL and just about everything(no need to deal with any messy configurations from the xbox; DHCP is a breeze).

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