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Author Topic: Launch Exploits File From Xbox360 Player?  (Read 40 times)


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Launch Exploits File From Xbox360 Player?
« on: December 11, 2005, 12:15:55 PM »

in xbox1 the exploit goes trough the memory card. with that console how many possibility there is to crate a exploit file launchable from xbox360 player?

have make 2 stupid experiment
have burn a simple cd-r with one folder, in that folder have put an default.xbe (of farcry, but that isn't important). have put the cd-rw in xbox360 go in Multimedia-->Music and i can see the folder, and if enter in the folder i can't see nothing in list and that is normal, but i can launch all is contain in the folder, and when push on "Riproduci tutto" (in eng i think is write "Reproduce All" the player start. im not see nothing in the track list but surely the player try to launch all files in that folder default.xbe included who we can't see in track list and cd-rw folder.
have make another cd-rw try to put in that an HD-Video (downloaded from Here) entitled "Digital Life". but have reneame that HD-video *.wmv in *.mp3 and when launch that "*.mp3" the xbox360 goes freeze/block all command of pad A,B,X,Y start,Back.. only way to unfreeze/sblock the console is push the eject botton.

IPB Image

have read is some place who the exploit files in first must do crash/freeze the system, right? is possible with a simple wmv reneamed in mp3 cause a freeze (like happen to me) of system to make a second step for hack the xbox360??

sorry for my english and n00b questions


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